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Employee Value.

CloudStratex is seeking tomorrow’s greatest talent with a diverse scope of perspectives. We offer industry-leading career paths and mentorship with hands on experience. Unlock your potential, at CloudStratex.​

What we value.

We value employees who are innovative, dynamic, and driven in their ideas and actions. We shape teams based on harmonious strengths so that each employee is always adding value. We recognise differences with openness and hold daily meets for teams to share their thoughts and ignite the spark for new ideas.

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Reciprocal Value.


Win as a team. Measure & iterate. A breadth of voices.​


Strong base pay. Bonuses for supporting the team. ​


Path to partnership. A fast-rising brand. Launch your own initiatives.​

Work Environment

Educational team events. Free training.​


Work-from-home or in a bustling office. Work autonomously, improve collectively.​

Learning & Development.

We believe that creating a supportive environment for learning is an important part of ensuring employees and the wider organisation have the right capabilities to adapt and respond to challenges in an agile and effective way.

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Employee Testimonials.

At CloudStratex, we are proud of our people, who leverage divergent thinking and continue to grow both professionally and individually. We all have our own background, our own stories. Some of the team wanted to share theirs with you.

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Social & Economic Responsibility.

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