Case Study:

Interim Change Management Lead

Struggling resource constrained Change Team urgently needed a stabilising Change Management Lead to steady the function.

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2 Days
Onboarding time
5 star reviews
Proven Resource
Annual Changes


"instrumental in delivering the Service Now Change enhancements” “… solid understanding of tooling & process…” “… also willing to go above and beyond to deliver”


ITSM Process Owner

Struggling resource constrained Change Team urgently needed a stabilising Change Management Lead to steady the function.

Change team of 5 reduced to 3 due to members leaving with the Change Lead also due to leave imminently. Client required an experienced Manager to hit the ground running, absorb information in flight and maintain the status quo in a complex, federated Change arena.

Concern that BAU would suffer and project tasks would not be able to be completed. The client was in the middle of a major Process redesign update that required SME knowledge to complete user Stories and progress through to production.

Without the correct individual BAU could have suffered, resulting in Changes not being authorised, stability of services and business would be impacted and project would have delayed further.

Experience matters.

With the breadth of expertise, networking and experienced resources available within CloudStratex an ideal candidate was identified and in position within 2 days of the client interview.

Change Lead integrated into existing Team.

Following accelerated handover quickly settled the team to enable smooth BAU Change process. Maintained stability of the function and recruited additional team member.

Quickly embedded into the Change enhancement project ensuring understanding of requirements and clarification of deliverables.

Stabilised and progressed the Team.

Established routines and project deliverable ownership within the team and accelerating training of new starter to increase effectiveness within the team. Directed comprehensive testing of enhancement project guaranteeing success.

Maximum CSAT score achieved “… works to a high standard, very professional individual”

Completing engagement allowed for a comprehensive handover to permanent replacement.

The successful handover to the Permanent Change Lead ensured a continued service was provided from the team to the wider organisation. The engagement was further extended to cover a prolonged absence of a senior staff member.

As the individual had become a trusted member of the team, they went on to be the ITSM SME for Problem, Incident and Change for a divestment project within the same organisation.

Key Client Information:

£ Multibillion global financial markets data and infrastructure provider consisting of multifaceted Data & Analytics, Capital Markets and Post Trade. Role was in IT Service Management

Staff Size:

Circa 5,500 - Federated service positions.


Entire assignment completely remotely during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Snapshot Of Problem:

Incumbent Change Lead leaving in 2 weeks: Very short timeframe to recruit and handover.

Snapshot Of Solution:

Change Manager in place within 48 hours: Within 2 days of client interview, Interim Change Manager in place and taking handover

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