Case Study:

IT Service Desk Improvements

The client IT Service Desk was experiencing poor satisfaction scores and low first-time-fix rates and a high-level of breached Incidents / Requests.

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Net-new IT Service Desk Processes and Procedures
Track jeopardy and breach, quality MI and CSAT Scores
ServiceNow Agent Workspace Module implementation



The client IT Service Desk was experiencing poor satisfaction scores and low first-time-fix rates and a high-level of breached Incidents / Requests.

The client had poor Service Desk procedures and working habits around the logging of Incidents and Requests and managing their lifecycle. Tooling lacked the use of available functionality to leverage the most from it's out of the box capabilities. This was resulting in:

·       Tickets not getting logged

·       Low first-time-fix rates

·       Poor ticket quality

·       Aged Incidents and Requests

·       Lack of ticket visibility

·       Unable to action on CSAT responses.

CSX created 3 new IT Service Desk Procedures and implemented new Tooling functionality.

To overcome these issues with the IT Service Desk there was a need to design and implement:

·       Call Handling Procedures

·       Jeopardy, Breach and Quality Management Procedures

·       CSAT Policy, Process and Procedures…

These net-new Processes and Procedures were supplemented by new tooling functionality and reporting / dashboard capabilities to ensure that they could be managed efficiently and effectively within ServiceNow.

CloudStratex collaborated with the IT Service Desk Managers and SMEs.

Through collaborative workshops CSX designed and implemented a set new IT Service Desk Procedures and a full suite of CSAT Process documentation (L1 to L3) supported by new ServiceNow functionality (including the new Agent Workspace module) and dashboards to efficiently manage these new processes and procedures within ServiceNow.

The new Procedures and Tooling provided the following benefits:

·       Improved IT Service Desk Working Practices – documented and training enabled new processes and procedures.

·       Seamless Handoff from Chatbot – transfer customers from Virtual Agent to a live agent when needed.

·       Advanced Work Assignment – automatically assign work items based on agent availability, capacity, and skills.

·       Automatic Interaction Logging – automatically log conversations initiated from a chat or phone call.

·       Agent Assistance – use Agent Assist to display applicable solutions in the sidebar for easy reference.

·       Anticipate Big Problems – intelligently identify and raise a major issue or incident with one click.

·       Global Search – find anything in the workspace or perform contextual search within a form.

·       Tabbed Interface – navigate between records using tabs and easily maintain context with child tabs.

·       Playbook Experience – provide complete visibility and step-by-step guidance on what activities and tasks are required to increase case resolution efficiency.

·       Analytics Centre – answer questions about data, get personalized insight into KPIs, and automatically surface disruptive trends that could impact service delivery.

·       Dashboard Views – easy reporting and visibility of IT Service Desk, Incident, Request and CSAT Management Information.

·       Coaching Functionality – allows the facilitation of coaching for employees using coaching opportunities that can be configured for a critical moment in a process.

·       Improved IT Service Desk Performance – coaching consistently improves employee performance and processes by providing real-time improvement feedback as well as automated contextual recommendations.

·       CSAT Theming – allowing for targeted and efficient improvement initiatives to help resolve underlying issues identified via CSAT responses and surveys.

Key Client Information:

The client is a Financial Services company spanning the globe and with turnover in excess of £2,000 million.

Staff Size:

>25000 staff


London, UK

Snapshot Of Problem:

Poor IT Service Desk working practices was impairing the ability of the IT Service Desk to offer the industry standards it wished to offer its business.

Snapshot Of Solution:

New industry best practice working methods implemented supported by newt -new Processes and Procedures and new tooling functionality.

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