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We can deliver realistic cloud efficiencies now to give your FinOps team the credibility to build out a truecloud value engine based on process, tools, automation and real organisational engagement.

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CloudStratex customers reduce their cloudspend by 15-20% on average



of organisations have wasted money oncloud subscriptions through ineffective cloud financial management. (link toinsights report)




Identified $2.5m in cost reduction opportunities

Cloud FinOps - The goal is automation, but to get there it needs people, process & tools - and CloudStratex can help.

The CloudStratex FinOps process is designed to better enable:​

  • Accuracy of data to improve initiative planning and tracking​
  • Delivery of timely, actionable insights to the entire organisation​
  • Clear accountability for cloud spend, effectively supported by a central function​
  • Accurate and auditable benefits realisation​​
  • Enable effective governance​
  • Continual evolution ofFinOps capability and benefits​

to explore all benefits…

In 2020, Cloud Organisations Averaged:

23% over budget&30% wastage


70% experienced cloud security incident

Top Challenges are:

  • Skills / Resources
  • App Dependencies

Our Approach:


Analyse your existing cloud footprint to identify Quick Wins and Strategic savings opportunities​


Establish a foundation FinOps capability within your organisation,ensuring continual best practice and a path to improved maturity​


Actively seek and identify tooling requirements, automation, standardisation and 
systemisation targets to drive effectiveness and efficiency measures​

Our client was suffering from poorly controlled cloud spend:

  • Big multi-year cost savings programme and pressure being applied regarding IT’s inability to deliver savings in the cloud
  • App teams were not aware or accountable for their spend, resulting in a free-for-all and lack of control over their environments
  • There was no enforcement of tagging or naming to effectively identify cloud resources against the applications they run. Lack of controls to drive usage efficiency via appropriate products, tiers, guardrails and waste removal
  • Poor and unmeasured use of discount programs – Commitment, Dev/Test discounts, software licensing. Bi-modal operating models with Digital and traditional App teams.Big differences in skills, experience and behaviours
  • Lack of visibility for accountable owners to make informed decision on their cloudspend.

CSX Capability..

Three phase delivery based on our methodology:

  • Drive immediate Save with our focus on ensuring immediate value in the form of quick wins through billing, technical and commercial analysis.
  • Sustain through our pre-defined process, comms, governance and change framework whichwe integrate in to your organisation and to meet your strategy, and
  • Systemise by actively seeking opportunities to automate with tooling to remove reliance on manual efforts and deliver a consistent approach based on real requirements.•

Client Outcome..

Top 3 Human Resources provider with 20bn turnover and 700k people directly employed. Single cloud provider utilised over last 5 years with increasing commitment to migrate to cloud.

Unlock more from your cloud today.

Learn how CloudStratex can help your organization control costs, ensure security,optimize resources and enable services for your public cloud environment.

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