Operational Efficiency

Driving the waste out of IT costs through 3rd party contract efficiency, process and people.

At CloudStratex we understand that running complex Enterprise IT systems in an efficient manner can be challenging, as it can often be a compromise between performance, resilience and cost.​

While Cloud has brought many benefits for our clients, it has often led to cost sprawl that needs to be brought under control.

Prior business cases may have predicted the removal of legacy systems and 3rd party costs that have been challenging to achieve.

The recent shift to hybrid working has reversed some of the operational gains that have been made in Workplace over the years.​At a Service Operations level, ITIL frameworks have helped to drive standardisation, but M&A, constant resource churn, and changing priorities mean that an originally envisaged Target Operating Model has become less efficient than is needed in today’s environment.​

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Operational Efficiency

Cloud Operating Model

Workplace Transformation

Digital Workplace Technology Strategy​

Workplace Operating Model

Storage & Data Optimisation

Data Centre Migration

IT Cost Optimisation

Cloud Strategy, Governance & TOM

FinOps (Cloud Cost Optimisation)

Service Recovery & Stability

Service Process Design & Interoperability

Strategy, Governance & Control​




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Operational Efficiency

Cloud FinOps

Experience Management and XLAs