Operational Integration

Effectively integrating and optimising Cloud and Legacy technologies and service.

Cloud is no longer new technology. All of our Enterprise clients have to some level embedded Cloud in their platform and application strategy, but many have not seen the benefits that were originally anticipated.

In fact, some now have a “two track” model where Digital sits outside of the core IT operational model, leading to cost duplication; interoperability issues; inconsistent service & security models, and manual processes​.

There can be many reasons for this, but a lack of Operational Integration can play a major part.

At CSX, we help our clients to effectively integrate and automate provisioning and support across legacy and new platforms; to develop a service model that embraces both the new and the old; and to ensure that legacy systems are optimised for performance and simplicity of user interaction.

Services that are solutions for

Operational Integration

Cloud Operating Model

Workplace Transformation

Digital Workplace Technology Strategy​

Workplace Operating Model

Storage & Data Optimisation

Data Centre Migration

IT Cost Optimisation

Cloud Strategy, Governance & TOM

FinOps (Cloud Cost Optimisation)

Service Recovery & Stability

Service Process Design & Interoperability

Strategy, Governance & Control​




Case Studies that delivered for

Operational Integration

Experience Management and XLAs

Vulnerability Remediation

Single Point of Truth (SPOT)