Operational Resilience

Keeping your business safe and able to respond to the expected and unexpected.

Enterprise customers need operational resilience within their business to meet their obligations to customers, partners & regulators.

Typical challenges that they face may include cyber breaches; pandemics; major system outages; service provider outages; key-person dependency; and simple device theft.

Addressing these issues from an IT perspective requires resilient systems, robust processes, and effective tooling.  

While these have always been the objectives of mature IT organisations; it has become increasingly challenging with the introduction of modern cloud technologies; increasingly complex organisational models and ageing operational management systems.

Services that are solutions for

Operational Resilience

Cloud Operating Model

Workplace Transformation

Digital Workplace Technology Strategy​

Workplace Operating Model

Storage & Data Optimisation

Data Centre Migration

IT Cost Optimisation

Cloud Strategy, Governance & TOM

FinOps (Cloud Cost Optimisation)

Service Recovery & Stability

Service Process Design & Interoperability

Strategy, Governance & Control​




Case Studies that delivered for

Operational Resilience

Cloud FinOps

Experience Management and XLAs