Workforce Productivity

Driving change by executing design, enabling workforces driven by automation and tech.

We work with clients around ensuring that their workforce are productive.

We see a massive shift here that Covid19 had brought in to hybrid working and hybrid working has meant that everything has changed. The old models of what the consumerization of IT was, the expectation of everybody being in a contact centre or office are  unlikely to come back.

Therefore,  people really have to think about what this means- do they have the right operating model that is enabling their workforce? Be it a distributed workforce, field workers, contact centre workers or professional workers- the focus must be on whether they are organised and they’re delivering support in the right way.

Many traditional support organisations , were based on office space support. How do you move to a model that is more technology and automation driven and adapt to the new work style that we’re seeing our customers have?

Technology is also changing and we’re working with many customers around ensuring that they make the best of now the very prevalent Microsoft Office 365 stack but everything around that.

Fundamentally, we help clients drive that change, we help execute. As an organisation we’re not just there to develop a strategy, we are there to help them execute against what we worked with them to design to successfully deliver the programmes and benefits.

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Workforce Productivity

Cloud Operating Model

Workplace Transformation

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Workplace Operating Model

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Data Centre Migration

IT Cost Optimisation

Cloud Strategy, Governance & TOM

FinOps (Cloud Cost Optimisation)

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Workforce Productivity

Global Publishing & Education Company — G-Suite to O365.​

ServiceNow Implementation