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Optimise the value of your technology with Service Mapping.

Service Mapping delivers automated representations of your critical business applications to improve understanding of your technology estate and to satisfy regulatory requirements. Leveraging Service Maps in IT processes can decrease volumes of outages and failed changes, resulting in improvements to operational resilience and service stability.

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We know that realizing new technology capabilities alone does not always achieve those business benefits expected. We can help you technically achieve Service Mapping success by isolating critical services, discovering their elements, and mapping those elements into services. We offer an iterative approach designed to concentrate on your priorities.

With Service Mapping we can enable your organisation to:

Deliver a service.

Recognise who delivers it.

Discover who consumes it.

Why spend the money?

Gain an understanding of the dependencies between Business Processes, Business Applications and underlying Infrastructure.

Achieve Regulatory or Contractual Requirements for Operational Resilience.

Allows Operations teams to quickly resolve Major Incidents and outages (improve MTTR), and the associated Problem activity.

Reduce unplanned outages and Better assess technical changes to ensure there is no hidden impact.

Understand what is impacted in the event of a security breach.

Improves the understanding of a client’s assets (particularly post M&A), and can help to better utilise assets.

Improve client’s knowledge and underlying understanding of their technology landscape.

Supports FinOps and the ability to provide accurate cross charging information.

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To explore all of the benefits

How can we help you?

We will work with you to design and execute Discovery Capabilities first (if they are not already implemented). If Discovery is in place and populating into CMDB, we will collaborate with you to plan the roadmap of Service Mapping and the next steps.
Decisions are made faster and more accurately when you have all the necessary information. Incorporating the contextual service information provided by Service Maps into operational processes increases the efficiency and reliability of business operations, saving time, money and frustration.

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