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Cloud Operating Model

Building and implementing Operating Models appropriate for the challenges of automation, efficiency and federated control.

  • Cloud is one of those rare paradigm shifts in Technology that challenge the accepted norms of how we delivery IT services to meet business needs​.
  • The promise of Business agility cannot be realised without coordinated changes across engineering, operations and development teams​.
  • Cloud consumption whilst ideally standardised and automated across commodity services, needs to be addressed from the perspective of the differing needs of application and platform teams​.
  • Cloud spend is dynamic and volatile, requiring a completely new approach to financial management and accountability​.
  • Levels of fine grained control are unprecedented, but the skills, knowledge and governance needed to exert control must be established rapidly​.

CSX Approach.

  • Hyperscalers offer various CAFs, great if you’re greenfield, less so if you need to cater for multiple real world, legacy functions and enterprise service management controls​.
  • We design and implement operating models based on reality and the needs for regulated, enterprise businesses to meet the agility challenges presented as a cloud-benefits without breaking necessary controls and governance​.
  • Based upon real world implementation, we design an operating model incubation journey that ensures a pace of change that works with your business and your technology teams​.
  • Automation, standardisation and cost efficiency are at the forefront of our thinking, ensuring your skilled resources are working on the right things, automating and shifting left where appropriate​.

Case Studies that feature

Cloud Operating Model

Resilience Assessment.

As part of the ongoing technology investment and the evolution of their cloud strategy, the client company were keen to assess their systems, understand where challenges and opportunities may be, and then define a roadmap of workstreams to deliver the outcome.

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Cloud Pulse Engagement

Regionalised organisation aspires to define and achieve a Digital ambition. The company had few standards for IT. Infrastructure and the desktop were outsourced, complex and unstable. Aging kit & largely ungoverned cloud were causing expense and headache on constant basis. A new CIO had instigated a reorganisation for IT to become a global support capability. In the wake of this change, some key managers were developing a vision of a better way. They needed help to understand their position and the best orientation to succeed.

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Cloud FinOps - The goal is automation, but to get there it needs people, process & tools - and CloudStratex can help.

Areas Of CSX-ellence within

Cloud Operating Model

Operational Integration

Effectively integrating and optimising Cloud and Legacy technologies and service.

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