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Cloud Strategy, Governance & TOM

Building a cloud & platform vision that achieves the required agility & control, aligned to the business needs and strategy​.

  • Misalignment of Cloud Strategies to Business are causing a failure in delivery of the perceived benefits​.
  • Promises of agility, innovation and velocity across a cost efficient platform are not being realized​.
  • Platform engineering and operations is not consistent, standardised or able to deliver required levels of automation to move the bar on maturity and efficiency​.
  • ​The strategy promised business innovation, but this has been eroded by poor data, technical debt and security issues​
  • Migration programme velocity has driven a lift and shift mentality, leaving true transformation and ability to leverage cloud benefits by the wayside​
  • Costs in cloud have accelerated beyond business case parameters due to lack of governance, cost by design or appropriate architectural decisions​
  • Lack of governance across migration planning, design, patterns and assurance processes has meant the programme is running out of control​
  • A one-size fits all operating model has left significant holes in the interactions between Application and Infra/Platform teams and the bi/tri mode operating models within the application lifecycle​

CSX Approach.

CSX is an independent client-side consultancy who build cloud strategies delivering solid, aligned outcomes based in reality​.


  • Map your business plans, constraints and opportunities into the strategy to ensure it is comprehensive and responsive​.
  • Distinguish where cloud needs to support innovation and agility versus supporting steady-state and legacy workloads to support a range of development needs within your Application portfolio​.
  • Identify and accelerate the incubation of operational capabilities to ensure the journey is smooth and rapid​.
  • Enable operational and support capability to deal with the bi-modal needs of enterprise applications functions​.

Case Studies that feature

Cloud Strategy, Governance & TOM

Resilience Assessment.

As part of the ongoing technology investment and the evolution of their cloud strategy, the client company were keen to assess their systems, understand where challenges and opportunities may be, and then define a roadmap of workstreams to deliver the outcome.

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Cloud Pulse Engagement

Regionalised organisation aspires to define and achieve a Digital ambition. The company had few standards for IT. Infrastructure and the desktop were outsourced, complex and unstable. Aging kit & largely ungoverned cloud were causing expense and headache on constant basis. A new CIO had instigated a reorganisation for IT to become a global support capability. In the wake of this change, some key managers were developing a vision of a better way. They needed help to understand their position and the best orientation to succeed.

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Cloud FinOps - The goal is automation, but to get there it needs people, process & tools - and CloudStratex can help.

Areas Of CSX-ellence within

Cloud Strategy, Governance & TOM

Operational Efficiency

Driving the waste out of IT costs through 3rd party contract efficiency, process and people.

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