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Data Centre Migration

Minimising risk & cost through accelerated migration between physical & physical / virtual DC’s​.

The migration programme benefits case is not stacking up and migration velocity is slowing​. Migrations are complex and success rates are varied with a lack of consistency and some highly visible failures​. Business is pushing back on the velocity of migrations​. Hard stop dates for data centre migration dates are looming and success is looking less and less likely without intervention.​

CSX Approach.

  • Don’t forget the people, don’t forget the business.  Cloud migrations regularly fail due to unrealistic expectations, unaccounted for complexity, and a velocity that is unachievable without bringing everyone on the journey and right-sizing the governance and controls to maintain the migration at-pace​.
  • Our methodology helps clients achieve a level of cadence and control for migrations that is simply not achievable utilising a purely technology-focused method, as many competitors put out​.
  • We ensure the business and organisation is brought on the journey with business cadence and priorities taken in to account right from the start and aligned to the benefits realization​.
  • Our migration factory and migration command and control methodologies ensure a cookie-cutter approach with clear governance established from Move Group 1 and maintained for a consistent approach and predictable throughout​.
  • Partners are critical to success.  We ensure everyone on the migration journey is aligned, empowered and working as a cohesive team​.

Case Studies that feature

Data Centre Migration

Data Centre Migration, LV=

A leading UK insurer with a DC migration in distress required assistance to bring the programme back on track. With a hard stop DC switch off 6 months away and a programme running 7 months behind CSX took the following steps to work closely with both the Client, and its partners to deliver success on a migration of over 1800 servers and both Production and DR DCs.

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Cloud FinOps - The goal is automation, but to get there it needs people, process & tools - and CloudStratex can help.

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Data Centre Migration

Operational Integration

Effectively integrating and optimising Cloud and Legacy technologies and service.

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