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FinOps (Cloud Cost Optimisation)

Driving sustainable Cloud and on-premise platform cost savings through process, accountability and technical insight rather than just tools.​

Moving to cloud involves a fundamentally new financial, procurement and management accountability model. Developers and Engineers are now managing your IT spend, something they’ve never had to do. They have no training, goals, governance or controls. The cloud billing and configuration datasets are large, complex and difficult to decipher. Management and Finance are asking questions you cannot answer… It’s not going well.​

CSX Approach.

  • Our decades of cost optimisation experience combined with the power of the FinOps methodology is an unbeatable match​.
  • As FinOps certified members and active participants in the FinOps best practice we are well place to assist with the latest thinking in the FinOps space​.
  • With the IP and product we have created, we can accelerate your FinOps maturity whilst also reducing your cloud spend​.
  • We typically save our clients 15% - 30% off their cloud spend often meaning we can help you save costs and increase FinOps maturity without it costing a penny.
  • Our Managed Service offering giving you access to wider capability and industry best practice that you can achieve with dedicated resources.​
  • We are committed to FinOps with significant R&D funding being invested in best practice and tooling integrations to shift the bar in global FinOps capability​.

Case Studies that feature

FinOps (Cloud Cost Optimisation)

FinOps Incubation

The Client had a large cost saving target & had identified their Azure spend as a source of potential cost savings.

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Cloud FinOps - The goal is automation, but to get there it needs people, process & tools - and CloudStratex can help.

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FinOps (Cloud Cost Optimisation)

Operational Integration

Effectively integrating and optimising Cloud and Legacy technologies and service.

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