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IT Cost Optimisation

Looks across a number of domains and disciplines to ensure a broad coverage across the Technology organisation.

  • The IT spend is increasing, going back to the board for more spend isn’t a palatable option​.
  • You have a great outsource deal, but this isn’t delivering the efficiencies that scale and commoditized capability were purported to provide​.
  • IT staffing seems to be increasing, more people doing the things you originally thought were automated or taken on by the supplier​.
  • Service review show everything as green, yet you’re hearing differently from your teams and aren’t able to access service credit mechanisms​.
  • You’re trying to drive down unit costs but the Supplier isn’t invested in to helping you achieve your goals​.
  • Licensing is out of control, you don’t know what is being consumed, where, and there’s a feeling you’re well outside of compliance​.

CSX Approach.

  • CSX has decades of experience in cost optimisation, with a methodology that delivers comprehensive save-backs with quick wins for you to show value to the board, fast​.
  • Analysis of current consumption, unit costs and driving down inefficiencies to deliver PxQ contract cost saves​.
  • Service Review refresh.  Getting back to the contractual requirements and driving the original benefits by holding feet to the fire​.
  • Licensing reviews, including Microsoft EA renewals to help you drive value through a proper renewal strategy, thorough estate analysis and a supported negotiation process​.
  • Operating model and RACI review, getting the organisation back to where it needs to be, removing duplicate roles and associated cost​.
  • Driving automation and standardisation on a cost-benefits prioritised roadmap, aligned to operating model and commoditization of repeatable activity​.

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IT Cost Optimisation

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