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Clients currently use ServiceNow for their operational processes, and their CMDB is external to ServiceNow. Multiple integrations and lack of centralised automation often lead to varying levels of data quality when imported into ServiceNow. Data often isn’t in a consumable format and due to a lack of reconciliation can often have significant duplication, leading to significant manual effort each time the data is updated. This also means that instant resolution is typically longer due to a lack of data quality and ownership. Change process is typically not as efficient as it could be due to the impact of change being very difficult to ascertain.

CSX Approach...

CSX would carry out a pulse specific to identifying existing data sources, quality of data, completeness of data and direct integration opportunities within the ServiceNow platform.

We would then propose a future state highlighting potential golden sources, any gaps in data and opportunities for enhancing and bridging the gaps. We will also look at automation opportunities by the use of ServiceNow discovery or any other automation tool. We would then look at operationalization opportunities of the data enhancing process, incident change, configuration and how to maximise the value of having the data within ServiceNow aligned to the CSDM. Once the CMDB data is in, automated and aligned to the CSDM within ServiceNow, the power of the platform is fully unlocked. The data is then trusted, consumed correctly, and can lead to further opportunities to map services via service mapping and to monitor and manage events directly within the ServiceNow platform, providing a single pane of glass view of IT infrastructure and operations.

When the CMDB is already within ServiceNow but not fully automated the same pulse methodology and approach can be used to deliver the same value-based outcomes.

  • Service Discovery
  • Service Mapping
  • Event Management
  • CMDB Optimisation

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