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ServiceNow or another ITSM toolset is underwhelming and under delivering against business obligations. Often due to an over-engineered instance of the platform, or a lack of capability to develop functionality to enhance ITSM operations – the platform is not built for future growth and business aspirations.

CSX Approach.

We carry out a pulse to review the following typical challenges:

  • Overengineering due to over complex processes.
  • Overengineering due to lack of understanding of tool capability.
  • Not understanding capability of workflows.
  • Multiple geographical process variances leading to significant tool customisations.

As part of the pulse output we make recommendations around process changes, globalised approach vs decentralised, out of the box tooling opportunities to reduce technical debt and historical overengineering leading to a value driven implementation roadmap and approach.

By always reviewing existing vs out-of-the-box opportunities within ServiceNow, we can unlock the power of the platform and by creating effective, efficient, automated workflows to support operational processes we can further look at enhancements such as security operations, governance, risk and compliance, vulnerability remediation and others further enhancing typical BAU ITIL process.

  • Greenfield implementation
  • Process implementation & improvement
  • Automated service desk
  • Case Studies that feature


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    Areas Of CSX-ellence within


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