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We have decades of experience in assisting Clients with comprehensive health checks and remediation plans across a number of technology domains.

Global backup services are the unsung heroes for many organisations, sitting in the background, often under-invested in until a major issue highlights a gap, yet the cornerstone of any organisation’s Operational Resilience and recovery strategy. Whilst IA and Compliance audits will assess governance and controls they do not get in to the depths of the service to comprehensively assess:​

Are we driving a strategy that is able to evidence the Backup Service’s alignment to both business need and technical requirements​?

Are we operating an environment that is “as-designed”, and is that design appropriate (are we as focussed on critical infrastructure recovery needs as we are customer data for example)​?

Are the processes, governance and controls, as documented, really what we practice and what we need​?

Are our systems kept available through appropriate capacity management and other proactive activities​?

Are our systems, at a technical level, reporting they’re performant and providing the right outcomes to the right level of quality and consistency​?

CSX Approach.

CSX have decades of experience in assisting Clients with comprehensive health checks and remediation plans across a number of technology domains. Our Backup Technical health check will:​

  • Assess a global backup service with the lenses of; Technology, People, Process, Tooling, Data Protection, Policy, Regulatory, Governance & Efficiency​.
  • Assess processes across Incident & Event Management, Change, Request, CMDB and Asset Management, including reporting and data quality​.
  • Assess Technical platforms including Hardware and firmware patching, system log files, management tooling, performance, standardisation and tech debt​.
  • Assess the operational teams (including partners and service contracts if applicable) for consistent approach, handling of recurring issues, knowledge of systems, over/under capacitation, alignment to global processes​.

Comprehensive reports detailing current state, alignment to best practice, remediation plans prioritised with your teams with investment planning where required​.

The health check methodology has been designed to be a repeatable process – so assessments can be re-run in subsequent years to provide a view on progress​.

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Storage & Data Optimisation

Backup Technical Audit

The client believed that they had an effective backup capability with a high rate of compliance but didn’t have an independent way of technically validating the state of their backup and disaster recovery

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